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We can motorize your new blinds and even motorize your existing blinds that you already have in your home or office, we can also integrate your motorized blinds into your home automations system.

Top 5 FAQs about Motorized Blinds

  • Will the motor on my motorized blind be visible?

    No, you will never be able to see the motor on your motorized blind. It will always be hidden within the mechanism of your blind.

  • Do I have to charge the batteries in my motorized blind every month?

    No you will not have to charge the batteries every month. The choice of battery power will determine the frequency in which you need to charge or replace the battery. e.g. the Sonesse 30 Wirefree motor will need to be recharged every 2 years

  • Can I operate all my motorized blinds from one remote?

    Yes, motorized blinds can be programmed to be operational from a single remote or a voice command from Amazon Alexa.

  • Can I operate my motorized blinds from my phone or tablet?

    Yes, motorized blinds can be operated from a smartphone or a tablet. They can even be operated if you are not physically on site or even when you are in another country!

  • Can I motorize my existing blinds?

    Some existing blinds can be motorized however there are some criteria that must be met to do so for example on a roller blind the tube size must be large enough to fit the motor. For other types of blinds the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric will determine what type of motor should be used.

Motorized roman blinds are the perfect option for homeowners who are looking for a ‘soft’ window treatment. Roman blinds are motorized by incorporating the motor into the blind mechanism allowing it to be rolled up or down at the touch of a button.

When opting to motorize a roman blind one must take into account the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric. Careful consideration of these two factors are important for the choice of motor as one must ensure that the motor is powerful enough for constant use.

Motorized roman shades are quite fancy and will surely attract the attention of your family and friends. The convenience of operating your blinds from the simple touch of a remote, smartphone, iPad or a voice command to an Amazon Alexa is really second to none, making it a pleasure to open and close your roman blind.

Motorized roman shades can be powered in two ways. The first option is to hard-wire the shade i.e. connect it to a wall plug. The second option is a ‘wirefree’ option where the shade is powered by batteries. With this second option you can use either regular lithium batteries or rechargeable batteries that would need to be charged approximately every 12 months or connected to a solar panel for continuous charging.


Can I motorize my existing roman blinds?

In some cases we can convert your existing roman shade from manual operation to motorized. Simply give us a call or send us an email and we can help you to figure out if your existing roman blinds can be easily motorized.

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