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We can motorize your new blinds and even motorize your existing blinds that you already have in your home or office, we can also integrate your motorized blinds into your home automations system.

Top 5 FAQs about Motorized Blinds

  • Will the motor on my motorized blind be visible?

    No, you will never be able to see the motor on your motorized blind. It will always be hidden within the mechanism of your blind.

  • Do I have to charge the batteries in my motorized blind every month?

    No you will not have to charge the batteries every month. The choice of battery power will determine the frequency in which you need to charge or replace the battery. e.g. the Sonesse 30 Wirefree motor will need to be recharged every 2 years

  • Can I operate all my motorized blinds from one remote?

    Yes, motorized blinds can be programmed to be operational from a single remote or a voice command from Amazon Alexa.

  • Can I operate my motorized blinds from my phone or tablet?

    Yes, motorized blinds can be operated from a smartphone or a tablet. They can even be operated if you are not physically on site or even when you are in another country!

  • Can I motorize my existing blinds?

    Some existing blinds can be motorized however there are some criteria that must be met to do so for example on a roller blind the tube size must be large enough to fit the motor. For other types of blinds the size of the blind and the weight of the fabric will determine what type of motor should be used.

Motorized draperies are exceptionally fancy and a very practical choice. Motorizing draperies is a very smart option, especially for families with children, as it keeps the draperies free of dirty fingerprints and stains that appear when you open and close them on a daily basis.

The simple act of motorizing your draperies allows you to enjoy them even more as you never have to endure the chore of opening and closing them. Being able to open or close them from the simple touch of a remote, smartphone, iPad or a voice command to an Amazon Alexa is something that anyone can easily get used to!

How do you motorize draperies?

The response is quite simple – Somfy carries a variety of motorized tracks on which the draperies are hung. The tracks are very versatile and come in a variety of options including straight and curved. Therefore, you need to think about how you would like to have your drapes stacked when open prior to installation.

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